Production of feed and food additives, ingredients

by using innovative biotechnology processes

An innovative enterprise for deep processing of grain and the production of food and feed ingredients

Our advantages

Own innovative technological solutions

The enterprise uses its own patented Russian technologies and strains in grain processing, biotechnology and auxiliary processes. Working with us, you support the development of the biotechnological scientific school in our country.

100% environmentally friendly production

The enterprise has a completely closed technological cycle of water circulation. Modern solutions in the field of biotechnology are applied, which do not require treatment facilities. We do not have industrial solid waste.

R&D team (research and development)

The Technological Development Department is a team of experts in the field of applied technology, design, engineering. It includes both experienced mentors and young certified specialists in the field of biotechnology, who constantly improve their qualifications, level of knowledge and improve their professionalism.

Technological equipment for R&D

Modern laboratory facilities, laboratory-industrial and pilot-industrial equipment for preparatory, fermentation, finishing operations with products, including packaging in industrial volumes

The project is being implemented with the support of:

  • Governor of the Tula region Dyumin Alexei Gennadievich
  • JSC Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME Corporation)
  • JSC SME Bank
  • Government of the Tula region
  • Development Corporation of the Tula region
  • Tula Regional Guarantee Fund
  • Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
  • Monotown Development Fund

About us

Biotechnological research and production center "PromBioTechnologii" (Efremov, Tula region) was founded as a response to the growing needs for comprehensive services for agricultural holdings and enterprises engaged in the manufacture of feed additives and feed, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Today LLC "PromBiT" is one of the leading in the field of modern biotechnological projects on the Russian market for deep processing of grain based on domestic and environmentally friendly innovative solutions.

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Our products

L-Lysine sulphate under the Probiol trademark

Relate to the group of essential natural amino acids. Used for enrichment of feed and compensation of the deficient required feed volume of keeping animals in artificial conditions. Serves an increase in milk yield, egg production, an increase in the mass of animals and poultry.

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Dextrose monohydrate (crystalline hydrated glucose, containing one molecule of water of crystallization)

Widely used in the food industry, as well as in the feed industry. We produce products from corn raw materials, our products will meet the requirements for use in pharmaceuticals

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Protein feed concentrate (PFC) under the Bioprin trademark

Intended for the enrichment of compound feeds (premixes), depending on the composition of local raw materials and the type of feed. It is an improved substitute for Fish Meal and Soybean Meal. The applications give an increase in the intensity of growth, ensures the need of animals for vital nutrients, stability in the health of animals and resistance to various diseases, minimizes the cost of feed. Our product is optimized for use in aquaculture (for fish) feed.

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Our services

Microbiological Laboratory

  • Performing tests to determine the quality indicators of feed (including grain) and food products (a list of parameters for research is available upon request)
  • Lyophilization of cultures of GRAS microorganisms ("generally recognized as safe")
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Pilot and production line


  • the processing of any technological modes in industrial volumes, requiring hydrolysis of the initial starch raw materials, bioreactors (fermenters);
  • with the potential to produce products in commercial volumes - from 100 kg per month.
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Laboratory-industrial installation


  • the primary processing of starch raw material with the release of a wide range of food, feed and pharmaceutical ingredients;
  • the possibility of processing in industrial volumes any technological processes requiring bioreactors (fermenters), evaporation and drying of products;
  • the production of products in tens of kilograms per month.
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